About Innovations In Dollwear


I’m glad you’re here! This page is dedicated to exploring and teaching new ways to do things—primarily with maintaining dolls, and with constructing doll clothes. I will be exploring techniques with machine embroidery (to more easily make those stitches that are hard to get to), cutters (to more accurately and easily cut out and mark patterns as they are cut out), software (to show how to do some of the basics), and sewing tools—to get those perfect gathers with a ruffler, or how to use fusible or dissolving thread (to make construction easier on tiny pattern pieces).

My background is basically working in the Information Technology industry supporting software development; but I’ve been sewing since the 1960s when I was a kid. I love all the new toys and developments, and have a basic Kenmore sewing machine, a Ricoma embroidery machine, a Bernina blind hemmer, and a Simplicity serger. Most are relatively old school. But I also have a first-generation Brother ScanNCut and love it! I’ll be exploring ways to use all of these together, as well as making patterns for both machine embroidery and sewing, and hopefully using them together. Most, if not all, of my patterns will come with SVG and FCM files as well, for those who want to use their cutting machines.

I welcome feedback, suggestions, questions, and even criticism so that we can make good clothing pieces more easily, with better results!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Deana Guardado

3 thoughts on “About Innovations In Dollwear

    1. Thanks! This has been fun. I started sewing doll clothes for my nieces a few years ago. When they got American Girl dolls, I stopped sewing Barbie clothes and started sewing American Girl clothes. I’ve made a lot of outfits, most of which I’ve given away. But I have picture! 😉 Anyway, when I started sewing for Barbie, the seams and pieces were so tiny that I thought that making them via machine embroidery would be so much easier. I started looking for clothes made that way and found very little. So that began my quest to learn digitizing. I’ve done boots, gloves, and tops, but nothing that I could sell because they were copies of others’ designs. The hanger extender is the first of my ideas that I’ve actually created a pattern for, with instructions. Gotta get organized!! So now I have a new granddaughter, who is too young for these dolls just yet, and four nieces who still love the dolls. 🙂


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