Using a Cutter File with the Hanger Extender

If you have purchased the sewing pattern for the Hanger Extender, I’ve also included a set of cutter files with the pattern. Just so that you can see what a cutter does to prepare a pattern for construction, I’m adding this page to the description for the Hanger Extender. Because the embroidery version of the pattern doesn’t depend on applique pieces for precise construction, the files aren’t necessary for embroidery. For the sewing version, however, there are a lot of pattern markings, and precise marking and cutting will definitely produce better hanger extenders.

Each of the files included assume a cutting mat size of 12″x24″. I find that most of the time, it’s easier to lay out a pattern when you have more than 12″ length or width to work with. This is especially true with doll clothes.

Load the fabric size required for your cutter file(s). I generally starch and press the fabric before attaching it to a mat. To be sure that the fabric will stick to the mat, I spray the mat with temporary adhesive, place the fabric on the mat, and use a brayer or roller to ensure that the fabric is securely adhered to the mat. It’s actually more important to ensure that the fabric is adhered everywhere than it is to starch the fabric.

To use any of the cutter files, load the pattern into your cutter. Run the “Draw” part of the pattern first. Remove the blade holder from the cutter and load a pen holder with an erasable pen. Load the mat into the cutter, and then let the machine draw the pattern markings. When the machine has finished drawing the markings, the mat will move back into position. Remove the pen holder and replace with a blade holder. Ensure that you have the right settings for whatever fabric you’re using. Select “Cut” on your machine, and let the machine cut the pattern pieces out. When the cutter has finished, remove the mat from the cutter and the fabric from the mat. You should have complete pattern pieces ready for sewing!

Hanger Extender Style 1

Hanger Extender Style 2

Zipper Bag (Cutting out two at a time)

Drawstring Bag

Thanks for looking!

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